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Mounting Images (ISO and otherwise)
added 9.17.2000 -- source: FreeBSD Diary
this local copy may not be up to date; it is provided for use if the source link is no longer operational

Mounting an ISO Image
2 September 2000

This is how to mount an ISO image. If you have just created an ISO image, say with mkisofs, there is a way to mount the image and view it without creating a CD ROM. Let's assume you have an ISO image named image.iso and it resides in the current directory.

When you're finished with the image, here's how you reverse the above:

Thanks to Odinn for asking about this and to blackend for coming up with it.

Mounting any Image
4 September 2000

After a question on undernet
If you want to mount, say an msdos image, you could do it like this:

And use the same steps as shown in the previous section to umount it. Have a look at `man mount` for the various image types which you can mount.
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