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Installing SpamAssassin on FreeBSD with Sendmail + Procmail

Using 'mpd' To Allow VPN Connections from Windows Workstations


Routing mail to a specific host on a specific port

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Special format for using IP addresses in 'mailertable'
Sendmail Mail Filters (Milters) Only on Specific Ports or IPs
Adjusting FreeBSD TCP Send and Receive Buffers
Process Running Out Of Memory Space?
Kernel Building Information (LINT and NOTES)
Macros/outputs for 'date' command

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Added 7.8.2005 @ 3:03 pm by David van Geyn

Now, visit the forum and ask all your questions.

The URL is freebsd.vangeyn.net/forum/.
Added 6.25.2005 @ 11:28 am by David

This little site just keeps getting more and more hits. I'm always surprised. It seems a lot of searching comes from people looking up 'mailertable'. I'm going to try and put up some more useful 'mailertable' information soon.

I am now running FreeBSD 5.4-STABLE. It's actually the first time I've run the STABLE branch. In the past I've always stuck with the latest RELEASE and patch level. The stable branch on this machine is great.
Added 2.11.2005 @ 6:38 pm by David

Two news tutorials that I've written up.

First, is using 'mpd' to accept VPN connections from Windows workstations.

Second, is a tutorial on setting up SpamAssassin on FreeBSD using Sendmail and Procmail.

I hope these are helpful, and as always, contact me if there are problems, or things that you think should be added to the tutorials.
Added 11.1.2002 @ 9:25 pm by David

Added a couple notes to the 'Routing mail to a specific host on a specific port' and also the 'Using mailertable' article. Also updated the MemTest86 link because it was pointing to a no longer existent page.
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